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Lavance Interview | Lifestyle Music

1. Tell us a bit about yourself. Who are you, where are you from?

I’m Laurens, I’m 19 and I live in Zelzate, a town in the north of Belgium. I study chemistry in Ghent and I have been producing for quite a while now, I believe I was 13 when I first tried to make a “song”, if u could call it that…

2. Standard question alert; How did you get into D&B?

I use to be heavily into progressive house, very melodic stuff, I was mainly inspired by deadmau5 and other similar artists. Then I discovered liquid dnb, the melodic aspect of it felt similar, but I found the percussive elements more interesting, I quickly realized this was the genre for me. The first few years I never really explored the darker sounds tough, apart frop listening to some Noisia tunes.
I got my first signed liquid release February 2014, but later that year I had a major computer crash which caused me to lose everything because I was too stupid to make backups. I didn’t make music for like a year and a half but in that time I started to explore the deeper and harder side of dnb a lot more and when hearing this style at raves I thought it was sick, so I got back into production to make this style in 2016 and I’m glad I did.

3. You’ve been producing for a little while now, what do you use to produce and can you tell us about any future plans?

I use FL Studio and my headphones, that’s it. I wouldn’t wish my obnoxious sounds upon my parents so my “studio” is very sober. Release wise I have a 2 track single on Counterpoint, and in the future I’ll be doing an EP with Context Audio where I go back to my roots of melodic liquid, should be pretty interesting! Probably some free downloads aswell, alongside loads of collabs! I’m even doing an entire EP with Scepticz, so that should be good.

4. We were in your home country of Belgium recently as we’ve just done the Belgium Connection, which you featured on, but what are your thoughts on the current scene in the country?

I love it, event wise jump up is generally more popular because it attracts the younger crowd, but you can still find loads of events for all other kinds of drum and bass. A lot of people and artists take initiative to start their own nights (f.a. SVB, Bredren, Empire to name a few) which is very cool. Release wise there’s so much great artists putting out sick things, I’d name them but I would forget so many, but the scene is very lively!

5. You are properly ripped Laurens, like seriously bro, impressive. How did you get like that and how do you maintain such sculpted abs?

Blood sweat and years of dedicated skanking bro.

6. Final question. So you called the EP ‘Wookie’ so if you could hang out with any Star Wars character for a day, who would it be and why?

Well it wouldn’t be a wookie because I wouldn’t understand shit, but Han Solo would be a right laugh, he’s the best pilot! We would fly his smuggler routes and drink space liquor.

Lavance’s ‘Wookie EP’ is out now and available to buy on Beatport

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Lavance Interview | Lifestyle Music

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